How to plan a modern Wedding

Today, brides and grooms from all over the world are consistently pushing the envelope when planning their special day. The ideal modern Wedding is never a theme or concept that stays the same for very long. What was cool last year, has now changed to what was cool last month. If you’ve heard of the concept ‘Fast Fashion’ then understanding the nature of the Wedding industry will come easy to you. New fads pop up every other day but the most important rules you need to follow when planning your modern Wedding (according to Calibre staff) are listed below.

Rule #1

Say NO to formalities that you find boring and meaningless

As a small business firmly entrenched in the Wedding industry (mainly in Melbourne), we have to stay up to speed on all things modern Wedding in order to cater to our client’s requirements. We often see our client’s forcing formalities into their reception schedule because it’s “what everyone else does” or “what the parents have suggested”. This is your Wedding, and you should be able to alter the event schedule to suit your preferences and guests.

Rule #2

Consider the age and overall demographic of your guests when planning

At Calibre, we have lost count of the number of Weddings that clearly have not considered the demographics of their guests, when planning formalities, evening proceedings, and entertainment. If the majority of your guests are in the 40-70 bracket, then opt to include some traditional formalities and select entertainment that plays a mixture of old and new songs.

Rule #3

Do NOT ignore the importance of quality Wedding entertainment

Yes, we were always going to put this one in, however, this important rule continues to be broken across the world. With the advent of technology and the improvements in music streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play, brides often try and save money by using a playlist as their entertainment. There are several problems with this idea. First, you will need to use the house system at the venue. These speakers are usually old and incapable of entertaining large crowds. Second, creating a playlist for your own Wedding and having to assign someone to monitor it throughout the night is a terrible idea; your Wedding will feel much more stressful than it should be. Finally, you will miss out on finely tuned entrance songs, room lighting, loud and clear speakers, visual stimulation from live performances, creating an exciting ambience, and the peace of mind – knowing professionals are taking requests and ensuring optimal sound and lighting levels all night.

These are just a few tips for planning your modern Wedding. For more information about Wedding planning and Wedding Entertainment Melbourne, head to Calibre Entertainment’s website and speak to one of our friendly consultants today.