MAJIKAT – Solo/Duo.

Offering a unique experience than to that of your standard ‘Wedding Band’, Majikat’s influences range from the blues, folk, reggae to rock ‘n’ roll classics and this exceptional performer delivers a comprehensive song list not only for the Marley fans but also includes those all time classics to have everyone singing and dancing along. Majikat has the experience, with over a decade of performing in Melbourne and throughout Australia in various projects. We at Calibre Entertainment are very fortunate to have Majikat available for Wedding & Events Entertainment. So whether your event has a laid back acoustic ‘Sunday Session’ vibe or more of a party feel – Majikat is versatile enough to suit your needs. MAJIKAT is available to perform – SOLO (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Live Loops and Stompbox) & DUO format (alongside Drummer/Percussionist/Backing Vocalist.)