Social Media Crazy

We may need a collective social agreement relating to the use of technology in various social situations.

– Todd Cummins

I’m staring down the barrel of adversity. One quick dash to my left and I’ll be saved from the  24 foot Tarantula that’s been stalking me throughout my violent REM cycle. Ping!

Goes a sound from another dimension. My mind somehow integrates this familiar sound into my virtual ‘dream’ reality. The spider’s antennae flickers as it hears the sound and creeps menacingly toward me. Suddenly, the room begins to shake, the spider scrambles for footing, the walls begin to crumble and I find myself bolt upright in bed scrambling for my smartphone.

Yes, the inevitable morning daily dance with our body’s brutal and unforgiving diurnal rhythm (as you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of large spiders). I clutch at my hand-held device. My mind still swirling from the rapid onset of waking consciousness. I can’t help but wonder if these ‘smart’ devices are helping us or ghosting us. Where do we draw the line between technology enhancing our lives and technology engulfing our lives?

Yes, don’t be concerned, at some point I will relate this to a Wedding entertainment. But I feel implored to share more with you. Foremost, our technology obsession is a concerning trend. Recent studies have revealed that young people spend between 7 and 10 hours a day staring at a screen. At what point do we concede that technology is now more than just a helpful adjunct to our hectic lives? For most of us now, the reality is far more scary.

Recently, my band was the chosen entertainment at a Wedding in the famous Yarra Valley wine district of Melbourne. It was a beautifully organised event with a glamorous bride and groom. Guests were immaculately dressed and when the time came for the first dance, that’s when it all went up a notch. Clearly, both bride and groom had rehearsed for months to nail their routine. Camera men surrounded them as they strutted their stuff on the dance floor. Flashes from the myriad of smartphones lit the room constantly. I couldn’t help but cringe as I caught a young girl swivel around for a selfie in front of the dancing couple. Questions arose in my mind about whether each guest was truly present during this memorable Wedding moment. I’ve witnessed this alarming trend all over the world and in Melbourne (the most liveable city in the world) it has grown even stronger. I have friends who attend events now to capture them through a mini lens in their hands. Long gone are the days of soaking up the experience with your 5 senses; we now rely on a 6th – technology.

Spending your hard earned on a Wedding to remember nothing but friends and family clasping their smartphones is not something you should be content with. Set the rules from the get go – no smartphones; It’s a decision you will not regret.

Todd Cummins
Calibre Entertainment