This is your Wedding

Our clients often find themselves torn between their dream Wedding and event-planning for everyone else.

Forget trying to create a Wedding for everyone else; this is your day and it should reflect who you are.

I come from a land down under. Yes, we’ve all heard the song. It’s something unique being an Aussie. We are known for our cavalier lifestyle and laid-back attitude. We never take a backward step and we always stand up for what we believe in.

Did that accurately sum you up as a person? If you answered no then I commend you for your honesty. Truth is, we are all individuals; not all of us love to drink Fosters or irresponsibly consume smashed avo on Sundays. We can’t all surf and parade our pristine beaches displaying sparkling bronze tans (much to my own disappointment). If we used my own life as a starting point, Australians would be better known for gripping an over-priced latte staring intently at their emails pondering which sign-off they should go with for the day. Nevertheless, I think I’ve made my point; we aren’t all the same and nor should we be.

So this brings me back to Weddings and the plethora of formalities that run alongside. Do you remember the TV show This is Your Life? Tuning in as a young child from Melbourne and fantasising about what my life would look like if it aired on national television, was often a pastime. Despite the fact this show is no longer on air, Weddings act as a less-televised form of the show for us everyday people. Family and friends from all over the world put their own lives on hold to share in this special occasion. Impassioned speeches from revered characters, priceless moments of hilarity and an overwhelming supply of sentimentality; all without the ad-breaks. Make no mistake about it, this day belongs to the bride and groom.

So the groom is craving a Wedding band covering his favourite punk tunes from the 90s? He should book that Wedding band and enjoy the hell out of it. Maybe the bride is a DJ fan, and she simply wants to relive her glory days at the RnB clubs with her sisterhood? Pump those beats and dance the night away; ideally you only ‘Wedding’ once, so nail it when you have the chance.
Create a Wedding that reflects who you are, not what is expected of you.